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Collating the research on integrating EdTech in schools

Since my last post I have been reading a lot of the research done on integrating the use of technology in schools, successfully.

I’ve noticed that certain themes pop up regularly (in no particular order):

  1. There has to be plan of action – this continues momentum and ensures that technology is not just added because it is current but because it is relevant and fits in with the technology that is already in place/is due to be in place.  That’s not to say that the plan is carved in stone, it has to allow for fluidity as new technologies emerge.  The vision/mission statement is especially important as it instantly gives guidelines for what type of technology would fit in.
  2. The leadership has to be seen to be participating and leading on the use of technology.  If the highest echelons of power haven’t bought in, then it is going to be difficult to a) maintain momentum and b) encourage all members of staff to participate.
  3. Staff have to be given time to:
    • learn the new technology
    • prepare resources
    • collaborate and share good practice
  4. Staff have to be “good” teachers.  They have to already have a good understanding of the pedagogical relevance of a resource.  If they can not identify when would or wouldn’t be a good time to use a tablet over a worksheet they need to be given more time for development.

I started to write a Technology Plan for the school but it is turned into a Teaching and Learning Plan.

The world is changing and the classroom has to change with it.  We need to prepare our students for life in the real world and we can only do that if our classrooms emulate life.

We, as teachers, have a duty to ensure that we are confident and competent with technology so that we can pass that on to our students.


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