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About Me

I am a science teacher turned Learning Technologist.  I live and work in London, UK – I currently work in a school in West London.

I have been a teacher for five years, I have over three years straight of “outstanding” observations (NQT year was a steep learning curve!), I have occupied a number of positions, in different schools, over the five years: Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Head of KS3, Assistant Subject Leader, Head of Biology and Acting Head of Department.

The common thread throughout all of these roles has been my dedication to making the learning process simpler and easier – for myself, my students and my staff.  Technology has its place, there are some lessons that cannot be made better with technology, but I firmly believe that where it can be used enhance learning, it should.  I am happy to say, judging from the tweets, blogs, apps and technology available, I am not alone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my journey as I move from a teacher to a Learning Technologist and hopefully, along the way, inspire others to use different techniques and technologies, as I was inspired by so many others.

Thank you,

Jag Wadhwa-Brown

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